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Your NHS pension 'health-check'

Matthew Harrington
Financial Planning, Healthcare
2 min read

2022 will be an important year for members of the NHS Pension Scheme to complete a ‘health-check’ of their membership.

Richard Ince, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

When is it best for me to retire?

Richard Ince
Financial Planning
4 min read

Firstly, that’s a great question. The simple answer is that you can retire when you have adequate wealth to do so. This can be a mixture of pensions, savings, investments, and property.

Robin Carnaby, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Investors need to keep a calm head in the light of market volatility caused by the Ukraine crisis, says Robin Carnaby, director at Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Robin Carnaby
Financial Planning
3 min read

After two years of uncertainty due to Covid, most of us hoped that 2022 would bring a little calm and stability to the world. As we now know, world events have rather overtaken this wish, and once again we are plunged into a time of uncertainty and turmoil.

Trazer Farnese, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

How can you teach teens about money?

Trazer Farnese
Financial Planning
6 min read

It’s never too early to start teaching young people about money, says Trazer Farnese of Lovewell Blake Financial Planning.

Chris Egmore, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Government to review state pension age for second time

Christopher Egmore
Financial Planning
2 min read

The first Review of State Pension age was undertaken in 2017 but the government has now launched a second pension age state review, which will consider whether the increase to age 68 should be brought forward to 2037-39.

Stock image of someone saving money

What is the Lifetime Allowance freeze?

Sharon Mattheus
Financial Planning
3 min read

For pensions, the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) is the overall limit of pension funds a member can accrue during their lifetime, and which will benefit from favourable tax treatment before an LTA tax charge applies.

Ukraine Flag

What do the tensions between Russia and Ukraine mean for investors?

Robin Carnaby
Financial Planning, News
4 min read

Over the last few days, tension has intensified between Russia and Ukraine. We wanted to take some time to position what’s happening between the two countries and what this could mean for investors.

James Rix for Lovewell Blake

Pensions, Protection and Investments

James Rix
Financial Planning
5 min read

In conjunction with Matthew Harrington, financial adviser for Lovewell Blake Financial Planning.

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