Construction and Property

The financial reporting and tax landscape can be complex in the property and construction sector and it is vital you have your affairs in order

Our team of specialists works with you to ensure you are fully compliant, structured in the most strategic way and making your submissions on time. The strategic side of the business can often be overlooked in favour of a compliance only approach but in the construction sector more than many others there is much to be gained from a structured approach to your business set-up. 

The structure of your business is crucial - consider separating the risk of developments into different companies and keeping developments and contractor services separate.

Our Partners and personal tax consultants can also advise you on the individual aspects of your affairs such as income from personal lettings, planning for retirement, Inheritance Tax strategies and even the use of SIPP's and other pension provisions through Lovewell Blake Financial Planning. If you have income from property lettings, consider our Landlords section for further guidance.

Different because you are

We pride ourselves in providing individually tailored services to our clients. Whatever your aspirations and priorities in business and life, we will be by your side with expert advice from local specialists. It is because your needs are unique, that the solutions we provide are distinct and personalised to you.

  • Local accountants who understand your business and community
  • Partners who will advise you on business structure and risk reduction
  • Close working relationships with banks and other lenders
  • Administration of payroll and the CIS scheme
  • A team of VAT and tax specialists ready to help whenever needed

We have been working with the local property and construction sector for over 160 years. To learn more about how we can help, consider our full range of services or get in touch to speak to one of our local partners or Managers.

I trust Lovewell Blake to take care of my accounts, tax, VAT submissions and CIS returns but more than that it is the understanding and support I receive from my accountant which sets the service apart.
Andy P, Norfolk


How easy is it to change accountants?

It is generally very straightforward to move to Lovewell Blake from another accountant. We will write to your previous adviser for professional clearance and also obtain copies of selected historic information such as last years accounts and tax references. We will then issue a letter of engagement and register as your tax agent direct with HMRC.

What is Cloud Accounting and how does it work?

Cloud Accounting put simply means that your bookkeeping software is accessed online via website or app. This means that the data is automatically backed up and can be accessed from a variety of devices in any location with an internet connection. So rather than purchasing software to load onto your PC or laptop, you pay a monthly subscription for access to the software.

Functionality is much improved with automatic bank feeds commonplace and documentation scanned and archived electronically. You can issue electronic invoices with immediate online payment options which can help improve cashflow. Receipts can be scanned and posted automatically by the software which can save huge amounts of time data imputing.

If you're considering Cloud Accounting get in touch and one of our experts would be happy to guide you through the process.

Can you help with tax advice for Landlords?

The relevant tax rules and regulations for property owners and landlords have been changing in recent years and it is important that those taxpayers affected are receiving the right advice. We advise a number of local landlords from those with one or two buy-to-let properties to more structured businesses holding broad portfolios of residential and commercial properties.

Our Managing Partner Colin Fish works closely with the Eastern Landlords Association, regularly presenting at events and hosting local landlords forums. Our team of tax partners and consultants have a detailed knowledge of all relevant tax laws and regulations.

See our dedicated Landlords page for more information on our services or get in touch to speak to one of our experts.

Wide-ranging tax planning and compliance services for individuals seeking advice and guidance from our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Friendly and coherent advice and guidance on accounting and tax matters for small business owners including those starting out for the first time.

Established businesses requiring accounting and tax compliance services, forward thinking tax planning advice and the support to help your business succeed.

Our full range of enhanced corporate services aimed at large companies and those requiring audit, assurance, corporate tax advisory and diverse tax planning services.



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